Ceremony Music

Most marriage celebrants have their own portable speaker and microphone system to be used during the ceremony and most are also willing to play a few special songs during the ceremony as well.

However, some people prefer to have a professional DJ control the music during the ceremony and in some cases, the DJ’s microphone is also needed. This is especially common when the ceremony is being officiated by a minister of religion rather than a full-time marriage celebrant.

If your ceremony is happening at the same venue/property as the reception and there is a power point available in the ceremony location, then it is also an option to have the DJ come extra early to provide the music and/or microphone for the ceremony as well. The costing and availability for this option would depend on the timing and location of the ceremony in relation to the reception and can be discussed during the quoting process.

The ceremony option would normally include:

– DJ to provide 1 x speaker on a stand and microphone for celebrant (if needed)
– DJ will play half-hour of background music to set the mood as guests arrive
– DJ will play the chosen walking down the aisle song/s as bridesmaids and bride approach
– DJ will play 1 or 2 chosen songs during the signing of the registry
– DJ will play a chosen song as the newly-weds exit down the aisle together
– DJ will continue to play background music during photos/canapes until the reception starts